Thai Police Clearance Certificates

Thai Police Clearance Certificates

JT Legal Consult provides a service for foreigners both currently residing in Thailand and abroad in obtaining a Thai Police Clearance to whatever purposes it may serve them, our

service includes expedited process of application without being required of the applicant’s presence upon the requisition of the certificate itself, our firm will also be the one who will arrange to mail it to you wherever you currently are in the globe.

There are 3 simple steps for the process First, is to gather all the required documents such as;

  • Passport copy

  • 2 Passport size photos (2x2)

  • 1 set of original fingerprints that has taken by either of the local police or the Thai Consulate at a Thai Embassy in wherever country you are currently in (it must have an official seal and signature of the official taking the fingerprint).

(Once you have completed all those, you may send it to our office by mail)

The next step is on the part of our prompt team of representative to submit the application that normally takes about 7 business days.

 Lastly, once the certificate has been released our office will send it to you by mail wherever you wish it to be sent.