Why do we need a Notary Service and who requires it?

In a number of different countries worldwide, a Notary Public is known as an official who is license by the State to provide authentication of such legal documents, signatures, affidavits or a statement of person under oath. The importance of notarization to a document is that it creates a guarantee on the authenticity of the document itself, or to the act of the signatories to a written statement of a person or moreover to witnessing affidavits. In Thailand there is no Notary Public, lawyers are provided the role as a Notarial Service Attorney by the Lawyers Council of Thailand who regulates the practice of lawyers who canperform the said service but must first undergo and pass a professional training course to be registered as a Notarial Service Attorney in which all our Thai Lawyers at JT Legal Consul have undergone with.

Therefore, our experienced team of professionals and experts can perform the following;

  • Admiration of oaths and affirmations

  • Authentication of deeds

  • Authentication of signature and other ID such as passport

  • Legislation of documents

  • Power of Attorney

  • Verification of documents related to property and business contract and acquisition

  • Witnessing the contracts and other document transfers

Some of the most common documents that requires notarization are:

  • Application for international visa

  • Bank statements

  • Contract

  • Title deeds

  • Power of Attorney

In Thailand, Notary Service is often required by institutions such as;

  • Banks

  • Schools

  • Private Organization

  • Embassy

  • Government Offices

JT Legal Consult includes the verification of the actual and personal execution of the notary by our lawyer to the identified person. Our notary fee depends on the number and type of documents to be notarized

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