Contract Review

Contract Review

What is the importance of a Contract Review service in Thailand?

Contract review is the process of reading and understanding a contract on a line-by-linebasis, thus involving a deep analysis process to make sure the contract is fair. Most importantly, you need to make sure it doesn’t include any loopholes that can work against you. Truthfully, contract review is a long process with a lot of legal terminology mixed in.

In Thailand, whether you are just thinking to starting up a business of your own, going to a legal agreement or just wanting to sell or buy a property, requires a written documentation abiding the Thai Law that binds both involving parties to act, practice and comply within the scope of the signed document(s), we understand that making any legal documents or even just drafting a contract can be intimidating and requires a length of time to be familiar with the complexity of the Thai law.

JT Legal Consult provides highly competent contract review lawyers that can both examine and draft thoroughly any legal agreement in either both side of the parties, to explain and guide you in details the contract/agreement line-by-line suggesting all factors in accordance to the Thai Law that will also goes together in your best interest.

Our service includes in all of the following;

  • Business Partnership Contract

  • Sales Contract

  • Employment Contract

  • Deeds

  • Will

  • Distributorship Agreement

  • (includes any kind of contract)

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